National Sunglasses Day… |- 06-27-2018 -|

My personal collection - my babies!! (Most are from BEYA, NYC street tables and Target like I said - all far left column are from WISH)

   HI GUYS!!! So, in honor of my return, I thought I’d talk about my favorite accessories in the world- SUNGLASSES!

   As you may have noticed, today is National Sunglasses Day and in the good, ole Sunshine State, having sunglasses is a M U S T. Another ‘must’ when buying and wearing sunnies is that you MUST know your head shape and which frames suit your face the best, unless you’re blessed like J-Lo where everything literally looks beautiful on you (a girl can dream, amiright???)

   First things first, let’s get this straight, this is NOT about if your head shape is this, you MUST wear this style. No baby, at the end of the day wear what YOU love and what you feel good in. This is just a starter on where to begin and to give you ideas if you don’t know what to look for if you’re not completely sure.

   There are ~around~ five different head shapes, my guys: Oval, heart, round, square, and triangle.

*** PSA: you can fall under multiple shapes. ***

   Step One: It’s time to grab a mirror and figure out which one you are.

Oval: Oval faces have narrow foreheads and jawlines, while they have wider cheekbones. (celebs with oval faces: Salma Hayek, Jessica Alba, Kate Middleton)

Round: There are no harsh feature but everything is softer, having a wide forehead, cheekbones, and jaw. (celebs with round faces: Drew Barrymore, Mila Kunis, Queen Latifah)

Heart: They have wider foreheads and face continues to arrow through to the jaw. (celebs with heart faces: Kerry Washington, Naomi Campbell, Reese Witherspoon)

Square: More defined angles and lines, with a wide forehead, cheekbones, and jaw. (celebs with square faces: Lady Gaga, Natalie Portman, Angelina Jolie)

Triangle: The exact opposite of heart faces, Triangle-shaped faces are wider in the jaw and gradually narrow through up to the forehead. (celebs with triangle faces: Ellie Kemper, Kelly Osbourne, Raven Symone)

**Quick note: I vary from heart to oval shape**

   Step Two: Figuring out which frames work best for your shape.

Oval: Unlike the other faces, ovals were blessed with having the ‘perfect’ head shape, any frame really fits their face and flatters them so go crazy!

Round: Since your face is rounder and has less angles, you really want to make the illusion of having those sharp angles, so you want to look for rectangle, square frames. These will help your face look elongated, thinner, and sharper.

Heart: Because your face is wider at top, you really want to make your face as even as possible. You really want to look for glasses with a wider bottom edge, like aviators.

Square: You my friend, were blessed with that chiseled jaw and sharp angles that can cut through the toughest diamond. Just like your round-shaped friends, you really want to find glasses that even you out and create an illusion, in this case that your features are softer and rounder- aviators, cat-eyes, and round (John Lennon) glasses work the best for you!

Triangle: Because your face is wider at the bottom, you really want to look for glasses that pull your eyes upward – cat-eye frames are really your best bet (So lucky!). If you’re not into the whole cat eye look, there are some pairs of aviators that are less rounded at the bottom, but the frame on top is longer, making your face look wider, and more even. (these are one of my favorite glasses in my collection)

   Step Three: Where to buy cute, AFFORDABLE sunglasses.

   My biggest pet-peeve is when people say “affordable” and then the price tags are $35, $80, etc... like sweetie, THAT IS NOT AFFORDABLE!!!

   Some good places to look for glasses are:

  1. Target (!!!) – ranging from $5.95-12.95, you can find some of the cutest glasses that fit your face shape and saves your wallet.
  2. BEYA - located in most malls around Central Florida (Fashion Square, The Loop, and Florida to name a few) and Puerto Rico, is an amazing store that always has 2-3 for $10 and it is always super trendy and you’re bound to buy all of them (I speak from experience)
  3. WISH- yes, the infamous app. LET ME TELL YOU, THAT THEY CAN HAVE ALL MY COINS!!! Some of the glasses you see on celebrities and in fashion magazine can be found there for WAY cheap, I mean, literally FREE (just pay shipping which is like $2), all the pairs that I have bought from them look amazing, very high quality, but the only downside is waiting for your packages to get to you. It can range from 2-5 weeks in getting here which hurts my impatient soul but no other downside!
  4. If you’re ever in NYC, do not, I repeat DO NOT buy glasses at stores- you will be robbed!!! All over 34th street, in the Times Squares area and street fairs during the summer, you will find street corner tables selling glasses for 5 dollars and if you buy more than two or three, you can eventually bargain down and save a bit more $$ (use those for the dollar slice of pizza), you can thank me later!

   So please, next time you go shopping for sunnies, invest in a good pair that will flatter your face and boost your confidence all the way up to the roof! So, enjoy your summers at the beach or on the poolside with a delightful book, fresh fruit, cool drinks and cute, affordable glasses to keep your wallet and you, happy!


Best Wishes,

            Naya xoxo

Hispanic and Proud... |- 03-17-2018 -|

   Esta edición de mi blog será la primera vez que escribo algo totalmente en español, pero espero que no sea la última! Yo tenía algo completamente diferente en mente para esta edición pero una situación pasó y TENGO que hablar sobre el particular. Viendo el título, pueden ver que es relacionado con ser Hispana y de los Estados Unidos a la vez. 

   Los otros días, yo estaba hablando con un grupo de gente, mis padres incluidos, y estábamos hablando sobre la identidad hispana.  La persona me preguntó “Eres Boricua?” Y pues claro, le dije que si! La persona miró a mis padres y les pregunto “y ustedes son Boricua también, verdad?” y obviamente dijeron que si. La persona me miro otra ves y me pregunto si nací en la isla. Le dije que no, nací en Nueva York, como mis padres. La persona rápidamente dijo “ah, pues ustedes no son boricua, ustedes son simplemente americanos”. Buenooooooooooo, yo no dije nada porque estaba en un lugar que no era apropiado. Actúe con madurez y me fui de la conversación rápidamente antes que me agité.

    Lo que no le dije fue que no le pregunté las mismas preguntas sobre su hijo pequeño que nació aquí, también como yo. Yo se que le están enseñando de la cultura de su país, y lo están criando con orgullo hispano. Lo que quería preguntarle era “Y tú hijo? Es de su país, verdad? Y tú hijo no está aprendiendo de la cultura de su país? Y cuando crezca,quieres que el dijera que es de su país, no?” Yo pienso que la persona me respondería “claro que es de me país!” Lo contrario que nos dijo de mis padres y yo, a pesar de que es la misma situación. 

   No hice este blog para dar quejas de la persona. Mi punto es que aunque alguien nace en un país diferente que sus padres o el resto de su familia, no es que son completamente diferente de ellos. Cuando alguien me pregunta de donde soy, les digo “Puerto Rico”. Porque? Porque mis padres, mis abuelos, mis tías, mis primos, mi familia entera me enseñó que tengo sangre Puertorriqueña. Sangre Taíno, sangre Española, y sangre Africana. Soy de una isla pequeña pero preciosa (Cue Marc Anthony cantando, por favor). Soy de una isla que su apodo es ‘La Isla del Encanto’ por buena razón. 

   Tú no tienes que nacer en un país, ser presidente/gobernador del país, ser un profesional en todas cosas del país. Solamente necesitas tener orgullo del país, respeto para la historia, y lo más importante - amor por el y la cultura que tienen. Mis raíces familiares son de Puerto Rico. YO soy de Puerto Rico. Mis hijos, nietos, bisnietos, etc, si nacen aquí en los EU, Japón, Inglaterra, Antártida, o LO QUE SEA, SIEMPRE VAN HACER PUERTORRIQUEÑOS. PA QUE TU LO SEPAS!!! 

   En conclusión, la persona dijo algo sin pensar, claro. Pero, tengo esta plataforma para hablar a mas personas- ten orgullo de sus países. Lo puedes aplicar de donde seas. Yo se que en estos tiempos políticas, algunas veces, es difícil ser orgulloso, pero, no. Nunca seas avergonzado de quien tú eres. Y lo más importante: 



Best Wishes, 

   May xoxo

The Next Step In My Journey... |- 02-13-2018 -|

   I’ve taken a break over the past month because college is well.. college and ya girl was about to drown in the tears. But I am back and better than ever with exciting news!! If you were to tell me a year ago that I was starting a blog, my dream since I was little, I would have never believed you. If you were to tell me a few months ago that this blog would be expanding with a 1000+ views and slowly getting people to notice it in such s shirt time, i wouldn’t have believed that either. But it’s true!!

   I’ve been given the opportunity to become a promoter for a women’s fashion brand. Getting this message was a dream and a half. I’ve been wanting to do a fashion piece for the longest time and well.. the opportunity just smacked me in the face. Rêveuse is a UK based fashion line catering to young adults with clothing, watches, and other accessories. Now before you ask, yes, it is sold in pounds so it’s s bit different but s google search on money conversion will solve all issues. Alsooooooo, because i love you all and i want you to be in style for a M U C H cheaper price, I have a special discount code ‘Naya10’ where you can get 10% off from your purchase! 

   I’m truly excited to see where this journey takes me and my little blog! The link to Rêveuse will be down below so you can check it out and shop for yourself, your friends, your girlfriend/wife etc! 

make sure to check out ’’ And make sure to use my code ‘naya10’ to get 10% off your purchase! Much love forever and always!

Best wishes, 

   Naya xoxo

Goodbye, Good Riddance 2017... |- 12-31-2017 -|

   As we close off the year we all sit back and remember the past year. It’s safe to say that 2017 was a wild year. V E R Y wild! Many horrific, tragic events happened that make us all become heavy hearted. We can’t enter 2018 without thinking of the topics that circulated the news day and night. 

   The police brutality, politics and political conversations that seemed unreal and at one point, sickening. Global disasters such as Hurricane Maria, Irma, the earthquakes in Mexico, the bombings in the Middle East, Syrian Crisis, immigration, etc. Mass shootings and deaths in places where only good memories should be. Deaths and sicknesses within our groups of friends and family. Racism, colorism, slavery and hundreds of other issues were brought into the light this year. 

   However, in 2018, make it your personal mission to change those issues. Start from within- move on to helping and discussing in an educated manner with the people around you, then spread to larger groups. No you may not be the next MLK Jr or impact globally but you can impact your family and community. And trust me, I’m not just talking the talk, I plan on raising my voice, speaking up and acting (biblically, safely, and legally) for the things I believe in and the things that need to be changed. 

   Despite those things, there was also happiness, great news, joyous times throughout the year that outweigh the bad. 

   Women in Saudi Arabia can legally drive after decades of it being banned, dictators across the world have been brought down, science advances in curing diseases and other sicknesses, the year of #BlackGirlMagic (YES QUEEN!!) and the year of #LatinxPride (WEPAAAA!!!), countries coming together helping others after natural disasters (donations for both Mexico and PR are still open- PLEASE DONT FORGET ABOUT THEM!), as well as men and women alike speaking up against sexual harassment all across the country. You may have had a new baby in the family, got engaged, got married or all three- Congrats! You may have bought a new, or in my family’s case- simply bought a house for the first (and final) time!! 

   This year has brought me many many wonderful things amidst the hard things but one thing it brought me was a wonderful platform with this blog- a long time dream of mine! In the coming year, I promise to be more consistent and broaden my topics! Fashion, lifestyle, food/DIY recipes (yes or no?) and other things will be around so stay tuned! 

   As you enter, or may have already entered the New Year, reflect on the past year and thank God for all that did happen. I pray you have a wonderful new year, surround yourself with loved ones, make great memories, speak up for what is right, and eat a lot of good food (sorry not sorry LOL) 


Best wishes, much love and HAPPY NEW YEARS,

     Naya xoxo

Anxiety: My Story... |- 11-16-2017 -|

   When I created this blog, I made it with the intentions for people to know the real me- to read the funny anecdotes and the harsh truths. This piece had been very hard for me to write as I’ve been struggling to find the correct words for the past month or so. It’s a sensitive topic to not only me but hundred and thousands of other people around the country and world. My intentions for this piece are for you as the reader to understand who I am just a bit more and show support for those who struggle just as I do when it comes to mental health, especially anxiety.

   In the last year, it seems like mental health awareness has truly opened. So many people are coming out and telling their own personal mental health issues like anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, OCD, etc. I have never spoken about my “issues”, and now as someone who has a small platform like this, I feel like it’s the right time to do so. Before I start though I would like to say that just because someone doesn’t fit the mold you thought the issue contained, doesn’t mean they don’t have it, or that they’re ‘faking it’. Everybody’s story is different. Now here is a part of mine.

   Growing up, I was always extremely shy. I dreaded conversation, especially starting them, no matter who it was with, even family members. I chalked it up to being an only child- not really knowing how to engage, being alone all the time, and just playing by myself. I can remember panicking when I would talk about things to friends and family because I felt like a bother and annoying to them. I remember being in school and never asking questions because I didn’t want the other students to get mad at me for spending more time on the subject. I would study endlessly and try to figure everything out on my own. I don’t really know why I use past tense because I still do it today in college. Any who, while I was growing up, I moved... a lot. Seriously, I need to whip out my fingers and toes to count how many times I’ve moved. Moving around helped and hindered me. I became 2% more open to starting conversations but I gained this mentality that I had to keep my distance and not create true relationships with people since I knew they weren’t important and I was eventually going to leave them. Again, I don’t know why I use past tense since I struggle with this nowadays. I’ve gotten better these few years though, I’m learning how to truly cherish my friends and how to talk things out instead of “cutting them off” on a whim.

   Despite all the constant changes in my life, education was the string that never got cut. I’ve always taken school seriously for that reason. It was the one thing I could control in my mind. If you ever ask people to describe me, “always studying” will be brought up and what most Hispanics call, a “come libro”. Most people around me know how much time I spent perfecting my work, studying, understanding the assignments and notes. What people didn’t know though is that I struggled with anxiety. Really bad. I can go far back as to elementary school and remember how hard I pushed myself to be the best. It wasn’t a competition in my eyes, it was more of a disappointment factor. I didn’t want to disappoint my teacher, parents and even myself for receiving a grade less than what I normally got. I remember sitting and crying in frustration because I didn’t understand the material the first day I learned it or crying when I couldn’t figure out the answer to my homework question. Once I was in high school and taking AP classes, it was a whole different ballpark. Social life was no longer a thing- I was now wholly invested in my books, reading for hours on end, making outlines, notecards, going over notes, doing packets (PACKETS!!!) of homework daily, writing papers and everything else you can imagine. I was losing sleep, quality time with people, just to keep my “A”. Everybody would see me and how “effortlessly” I did all this and would pat me on the back, congratulate me, and say “I wish my child took school as serious as you did”. Yet again, the pressure to not disappoint everybody around was weighing heavily on my shoulders. I was constantly trembling from an unknown fear and a sense of panic from the moment I woke up to the time I went to sleep. The only way I handled it was by crying every single day in the shower. I was so stressed out and wanted to just talk about things but I couldn’t say anything because I thought no one would understand. I was obsessively checking my grades, seven to ten times a day, needing to know I kept my grade up. I went on to graduate high school as one of the top of my class. I thought to myself, “After all this stress and anxiety, I passed. I survived. What I’m doing is fine!”. I forced myself into believing that lie. This only made things worse for me, as I headed into college.

   My freshman year was fine for the most part. I was struggling just as I had in high school, and I “solved” it by crying everyday as I always had. I realized I suffered from I was never pleased with my grade, even though I wouldn’t fail. I knew I had a problem, I would jokingly discuss my problem but I never truly admitted it until a few weeks. I was studying for a major history exam that counted as 40% of my entire grade. I knew all the information but as the test day came closer, my anxiety crept in. The entire day before the exam, I studied- I made outlines, review sheets, notecards, quizzed myself, everything you can possibly imagine. Nothing clicked, I was getting irritated and angry, my hands were shaking, I was sweating even though I was in the AC, I was panicking, and suddenly, my mom asked if I was okay and I broke down. All the frustration, anger, sadness, pressure came out. I just cried and cried and told her that I was feeling. A simple discussion like that lifted this long existing pressure from me.

   It’s not easy for me. Most mornings I wake up in a panic because I may have annoyed someone the day before, I didn’t study hard enough, and so on. I know this is going to be something that will affect me for a long time, maybe forever. I’ve come to accept it. It’s who I am. I wish I could say, “I spoke about it and now I’m fixed”. I wish that could happened to everyone, but it doesn’t work like that. But talking about it does help. Talk to your friends, family, a therapist. They will all listen and help you on your journey. I know talking may seem like a bother, and you may think that once you tell them everything, they will have pity on you but they will not. Tell your story. Your friends and family, and everybody who struggles with mental health issues will support you, help you and love you no matter what.


Best Wishes & Always Much Love,

     Naya xoxo

The Calm Before the Storm... |- 09-19-2017 -|

   If you don’t know by social media or previous posts, I am a proud Hispanic woman who loves her culture, tradition, rich history and lifestyle. Though I was born and raised in the States, Puerto Rico is in my blood, in my heart. Puerto Rico is who I am and I will always be concerned about it when dangerous situations come its way.

   Growing up in Florida hurricanes are nothing new to me, in all honesty, Floridians even make jokes about them! Getting out of school for a week or two due to hurricanes are nothing new. However, no storm in my lifetime has been as destructive to Florida and the Caribbean islands as Irma. The destruction it caused make my hairs stand up and give me chills all over. My heart breaks more for the islands who are not as fortunate as the United States. As of a week ago, 194,000 families were without power in Puerto Rico, that they knew of. There are rumors that many people will be out of electricity and power for months, while here in the States, many lost it for a week or so and then gained it back.

   By the grace of God, Puerto Rico was spared from the catastrophic destruction of Irma a week ago, however, Maria is now a category 5 hurricane and her trajectory is headed straight for the island this time, with no indication of changing paths. Even as I sit here on my college campus, watching nature going on as if nothing had happened a week ago, relatively safe from harm’s way, it is still a scary thought to imagine that a country I’ve loved and associated my being with, may be destroyed beyond measure, I cannot even comprehend the level of fear or anxiety as people on the island must be feeling.

   If you pray, please do so for not only Puerto Rico, but for all the islands recently affected by Irma and now Maria. Keep them in your thoughts while you are at home, with your loved ones, away from danger.

   The aftermath and recuperation period will be an enormous humanitarian act. Monetary donations are great but in the upcoming days, there will be organizations that I will be posting about to inform you of the best ones to donate other things to. You can buy a plastic box and filling it up with hygienic products straight from the dollar store and clothes donations. You don’t have to be rich to help others.

   For people in Puerto Rico now or have family and/or friends there, let them know to please be safe, be prepared, listen to officials and know that there are people who will help after the storm. What happens tonight and tomorrow is up to God and nature- material things can be fixed no matter how expensive or how long it takes, a life cannot be replaced. Please be safe and pray for the island.

Best Wishes,

   Naya xoxo

Peru Can Have My Heart… |- 08-23-2017 -|

The gigantic plate of steak fried rice with the garlic and hot sauce vinaigrette for only $11.95!!!!

   What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Peru? Many will say Machu Pichu, Incas, llamas, but what about food? Well... thanks to La Granja Restaurant, you can now experience the delicious flavors of the country right in Central Florida all the way down to South Florida! Specializing in Rotisserie chicken -I haven’t had it yet, but it looks divine- and classic Peruvian dishes that I’ve grown to love and crave for and I’m sure you will too once you try it.

   It is self-named as a restaurant, but you do have the option to drive-thru if you’re in a hurry but since it is heavy meals, I prefer enjoying the meal restaurant-style. The menu ranging from fajitas and sandwiches to full family platters of a chicken, pork, and/or steak with a ton of rice and beans and fries with prices ranging from $28-$52 dollars depending on the main meat(s) you choose to get (not that my Hispanic stomach is complaining).

   The two or three times I’ve gone, though I’ve wanted to get something different (I really did, I promise!) I ended up getting the steak fried rice ($11-13.50)- a perfectly cooked rice with just the right amount of salt and other seasonings. The rest of the party had the grilled Steak with white rice, black beans, and maduros (sweet plantains). On every table are three large vinaigrette bottles, one is a garlic flavored, the other is a hot sauce with a kick that Jackie Chan is envious of, and a sauce like tartar for the fish, but still good with your meats. Because they are vinaigrettes, they do have a “sour”, tanginess to them that not many people will like, I advise you to taste it on the side of your plate first before you ruin the entire meal when you pour it over your food.

   Though I did enjoy both locations I went to (Apopka and Winter Park), I must say that the atmosphere in the Apopka location was much more inviting, cleaner, friendlier, and had a much more open feel to it. Nonetheless, if I’m hungry and I pass any of them, you should know that I will be there, killing that fried rice happily, not worrying about my bank account and stomach!

   As I sit in between classes and surrounded by books and notes from college, I would like to let you know that I most likely thinking about food, and this is for sure one of the places that on my mind! So, next time you go out and you’re in the mood to try something different, explore a different culture and expand your mind (and palette), go to La Granja- I promise you will not regret and you’ll thank me for sure!



Best wishes,

   Naya xoxo

Social Media… WE WERE ON A BREAK!!!!! |- 08-12-2017 -|

   This week, you may have noticed that I haven’t posted anything on here, nor on my social media pages (all posted on the home page)- I took a much-needed semi-break from them. I would check my pages but only 1-2 a day, post something here or there, but not like I usually do. It was hard that first and second day but after that, it was such a breeze and I really enjoyed it! Taking this break was like a reality check for me, and I’m so thankful for it. In between the newborn photos, the embarrassing memories you posted (thank you but no thank you Facebook), the funny memes, and all the other unicorn and rainbow-glitter posts are the ugly pieces- the negativity, the explicit videos, horrific news and posts that are far too perfect and how it alters your mind.

   I am the first to say that I love social media. It’s a great way to keep in touch with your friends who are near and far, keep up with your favorite celebrities, see cute videos (don’t judge me!), it’s an easy way to find old memories, and of course, it’s a great outlet to network your business in. Despite all the good things that make up social media, as always, everything comes with a price.

   First off, besides knowing your local and national news, you should also be informed about international news- it does in fact affect you. However, if you share the news, you m u s t also have tact when sharing information. Posting graphic videos of warfare, police brutality, and other horrific views doesn’t solve issues. It infuriates the already angered, it causes turmoil and violence- the opposite of what people should do. Just this morning I woke up to the news of a White Supremacy rally in Charlottesville, NC. I was scared for the people there, angered that this bigotry still happens in the “Melting Pot” of the world, but anger-fueled posts will do nothing. Instead, be like the UVA students who held an anti-supremacy rally, peacefully. Be a voice of positivity and light, when most needed. Remember: If you believe your opinion needs profanity, insults, and other negative things to make your point... sit back, relax, calm down and type it again in a more professional manner (that doesn’t go for just social media purposes- use it in your everyday lives as well).

   Another reason why I took a semi-break was because of the constant desire to be perfect. My status/tweets/posts had to be absolute perfection for me to happily upload them and be happy with it. I caught myself staring at pictures I took whether selfies or other pictures and I would scrutinize them until I saw one to many flaws and had to delete it because it didn’t fit the “nothing is wrong, my life is perfect!” scheme of social media. I would catch myself saying, “If only I had that camera/backshot/that talent/ those clothes, I would be happy, and I’d post the picture”. I know I’m not the only one when I say that many of times I have attempted to upload a selfie/picture and right before I post, I examine e v e r y single inch of the photo to see if there’s one flaw. Mind you, when you first took that picture, nobody could tell you it was ugly but now looking at it, you realize minute things NOBODY will notice but cause you to panic and give you anxiety like no tomorrow and you end up not posting it, and feeling bad about yourself. The thoughts of “I don’t look like ____”, “I wish I lived like ____”, “I can’t wait until I’m rich, then I’ll be happy.”, “if only I was funny like ____”, etc. will eat you alive. I used to have those thoughts running through my mind all the time, and even now too, can’t lie! It’s a process you must go through of self-acceptance to grow and accept that, I’m still in that process, so you’re not alone. Stop surrounding your social media happiness on the number of likes and comment but instead on the happy thoughts and memories that photo brings you when you look at it.

   Before you post something, if it’s an opinionated post, refrain from negative words- voice your ideas in an educated, professional manner. If it’s a picture, instead of thinking, “will everybody like this? I wonder how so & so will feel if wrote this” etc., just post it and be happy with it, and the memories that go with it. Enjoy social media, but don’t ever let it consume you to the point where your life revolves around checking it every hour because you might miss something “important”. Learn to love the here and now, sit back with your loved ones, forget your phone, computer, everything, and make lifetime memories. Enjoy your social break when you take it. You’ll realize how much you don’t need it to survive as you think now!

P.S. If you post something, post puppies and cows, and goats, and piggies and tag me! Who doesn’t need that type of positivity and cuteness on their timeline?!  


Best wishes,

        Naya xoxo